Hide and seek майнкрафт сервера

Hide and Seek

The game you all know and love has it’s home in Minecraft!

What is Hide and Seek?

The legendary childhood game has made its away across the oceans and into Minecraft! Hide and Seek allows you to become a super awesome block ninja!

Hide and Seek is a game that requires the skillset that only real ninjas have. You need to be able to connect your inner-steve to the world around you.

When you join Hide and Seek, you’ll be given the option to vote for a map! Once the map voting has finished (25 seconds before the game starts) a compass will appear in your inventory. This compass brings up a nifty selection of blocks that you can be on the map that has one. Make sure to pick one otherwise we’ll pick one randomly for you!

Once the game has started you have a grace period to find your hiding spot before the seeker is released! Hurry and think smart, make sure you look like you’re meant to be there! Own the spot! Once the round has started you’ll be given a wooden sword to ward off any seekers that get nearby — but be careful, if they spot you. you’re dead.

If you’re a seeker from the beginning the game, or because you’ve died it’s your job to find blocks. However, think about your attacks carefully as you have a stamina bar that limits how many blocks you can try and damage!

Upgrades and different blocks can be purchased in the hubs with tokens earned from this and all our other Minecraft Mini Games. Happy hiding! (or seeking)

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Use the selection of taunts to gain more points. Can you use your taunts without giving away your location to the seekers? There’s a wide range of taunts, from floating Suicide Sheep to loud noises — the more risky the taunt, the more points you get. Higher point taunts give taunts a longer cooldown.

Check one of the available taunts out below!

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