Minecraft 2 tower defense

Mirage Tower Defense [1.12.2]

Новая игра Зомби апокалипсис где тебе предстоит отбиваться от нашествия зомби, лиан, скелетов, пауков и призраков, устанавливать пушки с эффектами и не дать пройти монстрам. В игре нет времени расслабляться, ведь отбив одну волну последует вторая, третья и с каждым разом волны атак зомби будут сильнее и сильнее, пока не будет достигнут пик жестокости, где либо ты их, либо они тебя уничтожат.

  • Нашествие Зомби

    Между волнами зомби нашествия, есть небольшие промежутки времени, которыми тебе необходимо воспользоваться и собрать силами, установить заградительные сооружения, перенастроить сторожевые башни и сдерживающие стены на пути следования толпы, все эти манипуляции хоть как-то задержат приближающихся Зомби и сохранят тебе жизнь. На карте 8 арен рассчитанных на 1 и более игроков, ты можешь позвать друзей и вместе с ними отбивать нашествие чудовищ

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    Minecraft Tower Defence 2

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    Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Game

    Strategy Games

    You have already meet with the best tower defense game at Game 2 Kids. Now, get ready to meet with the second and latest chapter of it! If you are wondering what the new features are waiting for you in this chapter, here is a few information about it. New towers, new traps, new war maps etc. And also, you will learn the story of the hero of the game in this chapter. We can not write it in here. That’s why, you should check it out by yourself. Let’s begin!

    After the game is loaded, click «START» button. After you click «START» button, game will start automatically just after game intro. You can skip little information box by pressing «SPACE-BAR» or clicking game screen.

    Game controls are as follows:

    Your goal is to survive. At the beginning of the game you start by digging your own path to the exit point. Click on a block to dig it. If you get stuck, press «R» key to reset the path. You can place defense towers on the side of the path by clicking on a block. If your towers are not enough to defense, you can place traps by clicking a block on path. You can upgrade some of towers or traps. To upgrade them, click on them to open upgrade screen and then click on features which you want to upgrade such as «Damage, Range, Fire Rate«.

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    After you placed your towers or traps, click «SKIP WAVE» button to launch wave. You can speed up the game by clicking «SPEED UP» button. You can pause the game by clicking «PAUSE» button located on lower-right corner of the game screen and also with this button, you can go back to level select screen and re-start the current level.

    By clicking «OPTIONS» button located on lower-left corner of the game screen, you can set game features such as «Game Grid, Particles, Enemy Health, Sounds«.

    You can find the previous chapter of minecraft tower defense game by searching it on game search box on Game 2 Kids. Good luck!

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